What Pentathlon Offers

1. There is no better sport for overall development of physical literacy. Pentathlon provides movement in so many different contexts that advancement as an athlete and longevity as an active person are both constantly promoted. At the same time, it is a great sport for character development as youth find success working through a variety of fun and new challenges.

2. Pentathlon offers incredible competitive opportunities, from local events to the international stage, including the Olympic Games. Added to that, many pentathletes go on to succeed in individual events of the sport, for example, earning NCAA scholarships in fencing or running Track & Field for a Canadian University. There are several Olympic athletes that got their athletic start in Pentathlon, who later excelled in one of the individual events, including Canadian Laurie Shong who competed at one Olympics in Pentathlon and three Olympics in Fencing!

3. Finally, and most importantly; Community. Pentathlon brings a richness to one's life because of the people who are part of the sport. It is a special local and international community that opens doors and builds life-long friendships.