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Darragh O'Malley

Sport Background: I started fencing at the age of 9 years old, and ended my competitive career at the age of 26. In that time, I competed and travelled all over the world as part of the Canadian National Fencing Team. Through my career I’ve had the opportunity to train with and learn from multiple national level fencing coaches. Since retiring competitively from fencing, as an athlete, I’ve completed Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlons, as well as road Marathons and Ultra distance trail runs. I have NCCP certifications in Fencing and Swimming.  

Career Highlights: In fencing, I’ve won Provincial, National and North American tournaments. I was a junior and senior national team member and attended both junior and senior world championships. I was also a member for the Canadian University Games Team.

Season Goals: My club goals are to see steady growth in all our club activities. I am excited to see the direction that Ares is heading and motivated to provide the best experience and learning environment possible for all our members.

Inspiration for this sport pathway: My mom was my main inspiration to pursue sports. She encouraged me to always try my best and to never give in. She supported me through all the ups and downs of my competitive career and always had something positive to say no matter what the outcome. Without her driving me to and from practice multiple times a week when I was younger, I wouldn’t have developed into the athlete and individual I am.

What I  love about coaching: What I love most about coaching are the kids. To see the athletes grow and mature not only as athletes, but at individuals is very rewarding. Seeing the athletes come to training with a smile on their face, train hard, and leave with a smile on their face makes me glad to be a coach. Having the ability to be a positive role model and influence on athletes is a huge motivation for my coaching


Kinga Kovacs

Sport Background:   I fenced on the Canadian National Team: Junior - 2009, Senior - 2009 and 2010.   

Career Highlights: Being part of the fencing national team for both junior and senior and winning a silver medal finish as a team at the Pan Am Championships in San Salvador in 2009.

Inspiration for this sport pathway: Sports have always been an important outlet for me from a young age. Fencing particularly spoke to me because of its individualistic nature.

What I love about coaching: It makes me very happy to see a fencer develop their skills and grow a passion for the sport


Andrew Chisholm, Run/Shoot Coach

Sport Background: Biathlon

Career Highlights: Racing on the IBU Cup Circuit, Finishing 2nd overall on North American Cup Circuit, Medals at national championships, Canadian + North American champion in mixed relay competition

Sport Pathway: Both of my parents were involved in sports growing up, so of course I ended up being involved in some type of sport my whole life. Biathlon just stuck for the longest! My race career lasted just over 12 years, and now I am on the national team technical staff. My pursuit of excellence has now changed from bettering myself as an athlete, to trying to help the athletes by preparing them the best skis possible on race day!

What I love about coaching: Being able to see the improvements athletes make over the course of time. Especially during those breakthrough moments

Joshua Riker-Fox, Sport Manager

Sport Background:  I came from a sporty family that ran and was really active. I grew up around horses too, and at 11 learned about pentathlon, which eventually brought me around the world and to the Olympic Games in 2008. 

Career highlights:  Through the course of my journey, I was lucky enough to compete at many Alberta Games, Canada Games, World Championships and four Pan American Games. The highlight is obviously competed in Beijing in 2008, because it represented the culmination of years of work. Other highlights that are less 'flashy' but remain very meaningful are qualifying for the World Cup Final 3 times, making the final at the 2009 World Championships and winning a bronze medal at the 2015 Sarasota World Cup in the relay with Melanie McCann. 

Season Goals: My goal continues to be having the greatest influence I can on every athlete, parent and volunteer that joins the Ares family. 

Inspiration for This Sport Pathway: Because of my family's interests, I fell in love with that lifestyle early on. I believe sport can create moments of magic that are completely unique to this pursuit. It is hard to explain, but as an athlete when you truly 'get it,' you understand how privileged you are to train and compete. The 1988 Olympics opened my eyes to the nature of sport and the connectedness or sense of community it creates. As a young athlete I was inspired by pentathletes Laurie Shong and Ian Soellner as they were the generation I idolized and gave credibility to the concept of reaching the Olympics someday. 

What I love about coaching: I love the impact coaching has on youth because improvement is rapid and directly reflected by the commitment the athlete demonstrates. In the bigger picture, I enjoy seeing how the values of sport develop one's character, build confidence and shape kids into good human beings.