Coach Kinga's Fencing Competition Check List

The Week Before
o Double-check that you are registered for the event

The Night Before
o Pack your fencing gear including:

o Mask
o Glove
o Jacket
o Pants
o Chest protector

o Under arm protector(should include name for this – I forget at the moment)
o Two body cords
o Socks
o Shoes
o Minimum of two epees

o Ensure your epees are in working condition: 

o No screws missing from tips
o Handles are tight
o Wires are properly attached

o   Prepare a water bottle and some snacks

o   Set out team t-shirt, jacket (if you have one) and extra clothes

The Day Of
o Arrive 1 hour before the competition start time
o Upon arrival check in at the front desk with the organizer
o Find out the locations and times of your poules
o Allow sufficient time for warm up

Competition Pointers
o In a fencing competition, you will initially fence a round of poules (5 hit bouts) against a group of your peers. In a pentathlon event you will be fencing all athletes (1 hit bouts).
o Ensure that your epees are in working condition before and after every bout.
o Ensure that during every bout you have an extra working epee and body wire beside your piste. 
o Be attentive and listen for your name to be called by the referee stating your opponent and the time of your next bout.

o Always salute your opponent with your mask off at the beginning of every bout, and shake hands with your mask off at the end.
o When all of your poule bouts have been completed, ensure that your scores were recorded correctly, sign the poule sheet and shake hands with the referee.
o Between poules and direct eliminations you will have a bit of time to kill.  This is a good opportunity to go to the bathroom and grab a snack.
o Once the direct elimination tableau is posted, ensure you are properly warmed up and ready to fence.
o Initial by your correct final score on the referee's score sheet after every direct elimination bout and shake hands with both your opponent and the referee.
o Be attentive and listen for your name; your direct elimination bouts are usually called out by the referees.
o Make sure you have all of your equipment at the end of the tournament